Loving The Skin I'm In: Acne Warrior!

Loving The Skin I'm In: Acne Warrior!

15:55 to 16:40

Ratu Ghania, Sandra D Lubis, Stefany Talita

Ratu Ghania, Sandra D Lubis, Stefany Talita

About the Speakers

Ratu Ghania

Ratu Ghania loves to share her experience as an acne fighter and she try to encourage acne fighter to be confident. Now she’s pursuing her study in criminology at University of Indonesia.

Sandra D Lubis

Sandra D Lubis, known as Sandra is a full time content creator whose find her passion in creating content since 2016. Focus on producing lifestyle content, she found her big love towards beauty and fashion industry within her journey. Sandra whose known for someone who are very cheerful and have a strong funny character, have a main goal to entertain and inspire people through her content.

Stefany Talita

Stefany Talita, found her interest in beauty and decided to share about it through her youtube channel in 2015. Her name is getting known due to her self made tutorial about beauty especially acne problem that she and a lot of people facing.


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