Breaking Beauty Standards and Empowering Women

Breaking Beauty Standards and Empowering Women

10:30 to 11:15

Asmaraninn, Ranti Kusuma, Sailormoney

Asmaraninn, Ranti Kusuma, Sailormoney

About the Speakers


Anindhita Asmaranin is currently pursuing her bachelor degree in Japanese literature studies. She started her modeling career accidentally. She loves to pose in front of the camera, so she started as an influencer. Of course, she is proud of being albino woman.

Ranti Kusuma

Ranti Kusuma is a former fashion stylist and a rising model. Ranti once held a title as Face of Indonesia 2021 and made it to Top 4 Indonesia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1. Ranti also has worked for many fashion weeks and chosen to be an icon for many brands and designers.


SAILORMONEY is a host, singer, and overall creative pursuing inclusivity and freedom of self-expression. Her interest in performing has brought her attention to beauty, fashion, and body image. Her bubbly personality got her just the right attention from the people who trust her to pursue not only hosting but also modeling as a plus size person. Moonlighting as a copywriter, she is also involved in a mental health start-up called Pukpuk Station.


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